Thursday, May 14, 2015

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


while I have no photoshop in work now, I started to paint my daily warm-up in MS Paint. Here is the effect.

Study after Ruszczyc

And below are paintings done in Photoshop.

Study after Levitan

Study after Sargent

Monday, February 9, 2015

A mini update...

Color and Light design and a Landsacape is something that interest me most! I would love to do it and only this.
So I would like to present to You two images I did from memory. A landscapes and very inspiring lighting conditions happened before my eyes when  I was driving a car...
I will add more memory sketches from my trip to mountains I had last week.

Memory Color Sketch I - trip to Gdansk

Memory Color Sketch II - trip to Gdansk

Here goes a character design I did for a Character Design Challenge Facebook Group. First monthly theme was a Pirate.

Pirate Design for Character Design Challenge at Facebook

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Still in the mood...

Foggy medieval mountain with a wanderer

Hi there, started this image a little time ago, just for fun with composition and imagined landscape. Today I decided to add some things I learned at the workshop with Marcin Jakubowski, I mentioned in the post earlier.

Monday, November 17, 2014

A day in a work...


not too much time for a post, but I would like to update a blog and write about something.

First, I've started to work in an animation studio as an animator. Right now I am working on a hand-drawn animated project.

Another thing connected with this post is; in a workplace we had a guest lecturer, a great concept artist from Poland [afterall, known worldwide : )] - Marcin Jakubowski.

He introduced us to some of His useful techniques in cartoon style design as well as in some of a color practice excercises.

Below I present to You some of my works done at the workshops.

Hope You like it! : )

Day One - Design a cartoon scenery

Day Two - Light Rendering of an object into a photo /pass one

Day Two - pass two

Day Two and finally - pass three
Photographies copyrights to their owners/creators.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Being Enchanted... a book by T.H. White I decided to make a personal cover for the e-book version of this title that I have.

I read a first part - The Sword in the Stone [which is this, that inspired Disneys to make their animated interpretation of a title] a little time ago. But I am still fascinated by the great atmosphere beyond the words.

I recommend to all of You to read it, it's a great book!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A new little thing which is... a DEMOREEL! : )

I hope You find it interesting. : )

Let me know what do You think about it.

Cheers & have a nice day!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nothing special but...

Hi there!

I am still working on my diploma animated short. Right now I have a lot of animated material, so maybe I'll upload some of this stuff soon.

Because of the fact I did mention above, there is not enough time and occassions to try to develop a skill in painting while painting... 'cos there is no time to paint just like that. 

I hope I will paint some plain-air things between July - September and will draw something from life because I am starving and 'am thirsty of that kind of stuff!

Right now I would like to show to You some digital painting that I did in the meantime of doing a movie.

I hope You like it. : )


Virtual Plain-air, painted using Google Maps photo refference

Refference photo for a painting above

Imagined composition

Winter Time in Łódź

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Unreleased Illustrations

Here are illustrations I did for the publisher but he didn't like the stylisation of characters, calling them - 'too fantasies''.

So I would like to show You what I did in October.

Characters line-up: Dad, Catherine, Mom

Dad going to work. He doesn't like dogs.

Something moved in thrashes.

- You know Dad doesn't like dogs.
-- But... could We keep Him?

And something different. I wanted to test my new brush I did. I wanted to imitate a watercolors and sumi-e brushes. Here I had choosen a Watercolor. Hope You like it.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Reanimation post : )

Hello in 2014, ekhm, I am a little late I suppose...!

I hope You all, dear visitors doing well. There is a reason why there is a lot of lack in my posting. Well one of them is that I am looking for myself in this whole 'artsy' world. I am trying not to look too much on the work of other because it came to a drastic thing I feel... I am then, not thinking myself but trying to draw like I think - it should be [read it as - like the others]. Ok I like the way, other people draw but I hate when I lost a confidence and patience and what's the worst of all I do not analyze the other works but remembering and watching their works like a fool, without thinking but absorbing.

The other thing is, that I had a little freelance job, and I am also trying to work on my animation short [short is not a proper word for it... a 14 minutes hand drawn animation, a thriller with acting and all those things... God...] but it is. Well I like the project, but can not organize my workflow yet... But I will work that out. I have to.

Oh, I have to draw more from life... I would like to go more to the ZOO, watch animals living and draw them, make a landscape notes... ummmIam just thinking, loud.

Yes I didn't drew too much from life last months (!) I have a kind of a block and I don't feel like other around-walking-people looking over my arm into a sketchbook. Here it is - I've lost selfconfidence.

Ok not to write so much now but to show something.

I hope it will be interesting. : )

Let begin!

Here, above the random illustrations for moodboard I did just for fun. No story, more improvisation. Fun with color, light, atmosphere, composition.

I did also read an excerpts of the Euripides - 'Tragedies' [I am a silent lover of the antic art and literature] and having in mind the 'Oddysey' by Homer and 'Mythology' by Jan Parandowski I did those little sketches of a Cyclops and Oddyseus. Well, I just love sketching, mostly.

I am also a fan of the HBO series - 'True Detective'. Matthew McConnaughey [Jeez, this surname must be connected with the HOPI religion I have a mind for surnames but for this one, I always have to look at first to write it properly] so Matt McConnaughey role is awesome, I connected Him with a silly romantic comedies until now. Here - my man!

Recently I am drawing tigers, because I am working from time to time on my own graphic reinterpretation of 'Life of Pi' just for the portfolio. I love the visuals of the movie and the feeling. It's a nice feature. Some kind of a fairy tale in our busy, ugly times. A place for the rest and I feel a lot of passion out of this movie. By the way, I was very impressed by the opening scene with a titles and the 3D effect. It was so elegant and easy going with a music. Just like a painting done very carefully with mastery and a passion.

In school I have a 'Stop Motion Class' that I chose to learn something about, especially because that a teacher knows what is talking about, and is active in the industry and I like her critics about the projects we have to make. Here is a character design of a face of a Blacksmith. There is no story behind it [in structural meaning]. It's a loose adaptation of a poem by Leopold Staff - 'A blacksmith'. Just a source material for idea. If there will be a possibility to make a puppet and animate it would be great. Because there is no script it would just be a great material for a stop-motion puppet animation tests.

Here are some of a life sketches of my Girlfriend I did. I love to sketch from life I need to do more of them. From time to time I am trying to have more fun and draw a little different a try to exagerate features of a body, pose etc. The way to draw, I love most is to draw with spontaneity. I am working on it.

Talked about a few freelance jobs I took, I can show only one. Above is an illustration done for a Polish children magazine - Świerszczyk. For a new year.

I hope You are not bored, because I still have something to show You.

Presentation of diploma project, more info below the video on YouTube.

Sequence from a short - Protagonist's Dream - it also presents the idea of a story of a whole movie. It is in a totally different style done. I tried to imitate a StainGlass work. But I still need to work on it a little bit.

Below are pencil tests from my animation short diploma.

I hope You all like it. 

See You soon!

- Matthew

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