Wednesday, April 8, 2015


while I have no photoshop in work now, I started to paint my daily warm-up in MS Paint. Here is the effect.

Study after Ruszczyc

And below are paintings done in Photoshop.

Study after Levitan

Study after Sargent

Monday, February 9, 2015

A mini update...

Color and Light design and a Landsacape is something that interest me most! I would love to do it and only this.
So I would like to present to You two images I did from memory. A landscapes and very inspiring lighting conditions happened before my eyes when  I was driving a car...
I will add more memory sketches from my trip to mountains I had last week.

Memory Color Sketch I - trip to Gdansk

Memory Color Sketch II - trip to Gdansk

Here goes a character design I did for a Character Design Challenge Facebook Group. First monthly theme was a Pirate.

Pirate Design for Character Design Challenge at Facebook

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Still in the mood...

Foggy medieval mountain with a wanderer

Hi there, started this image a little time ago, just for fun with composition and imagined landscape. Today I decided to add some things I learned at the workshop with Marcin Jakubowski, I mentioned in the post earlier.

Monday, November 17, 2014

A day in a work...


not too much time for a post, but I would like to update a blog and write about something.

First, I've started to work in an animation studio as an animator. Right now I am working on a hand-drawn animated project.

Another thing connected with this post is; in a workplace we had a guest lecturer, a great concept artist from Poland [afterall, known worldwide : )] - Marcin Jakubowski.

He introduced us to some of His useful techniques in cartoon style design as well as in some of a color practice excercises.

Below I present to You some of my works done at the workshops.

Hope You like it! : )

Day One - Design a cartoon scenery

Day Two - Light Rendering of an object into a photo /pass one

Day Two - pass two

Day Two and finally - pass three
Photographies copyrights to their owners/creators.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Being Enchanted... a book by T.H. White I decided to make a personal cover for the e-book version of this title that I have.

I read a first part - The Sword in the Stone [which is this, that inspired Disneys to make their animated interpretation of a title] a little time ago. But I am still fascinated by the great atmosphere beyond the words.

I recommend to all of You to read it, it's a great book!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A new little thing which is... a DEMOREEL! : )

I hope You find it interesting. : )

Let me know what do You think about it.

Cheers & have a nice day!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nothing special but...

Hi there!

I am still working on my diploma animated short. Right now I have a lot of animated material, so maybe I'll upload some of this stuff soon.

Because of the fact I did mention above, there is not enough time and occassions to try to develop a skill in painting while painting... 'cos there is no time to paint just like that. 

I hope I will paint some plain-air things between July - September and will draw something from life because I am starving and 'am thirsty of that kind of stuff!

Right now I would like to show to You some digital painting that I did in the meantime of doing a movie.

I hope You like it. : )


Virtual Plain-air, painted using Google Maps photo refference

Refference photo for a painting above

Imagined composition

Winter Time in Łódź

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Unreleased Illustrations

Here are illustrations I did for the publisher but he didn't like the stylisation of characters, calling them - 'too fantasies''.

So I would like to show You what I did in October.

Characters line-up: Dad, Catherine, Mom

Dad going to work. He doesn't like dogs.

Something moved in thrashes.

- You know Dad doesn't like dogs.
-- But... could We keep Him?

And something different. I wanted to test my new brush I did. I wanted to imitate a watercolors and sumi-e brushes. Here I had choosen a Watercolor. Hope You like it.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Reanimation post : )

Hello in 2014, ekhm, I am a little late I suppose...!

I hope You all, dear visitors doing well. There is a reason why there is a lot of lack in my posting. Well one of them is that I am looking for myself in this whole 'artsy' world. I am trying not to look too much on the work of other because it came to a drastic thing I feel... I am then, not thinking myself but trying to draw like I think - it should be [read it as - like the others]. Ok I like the way, other people draw but I hate when I lost a confidence and patience and what's the worst of all I do not analyze the other works but remembering and watching their works like a fool, without thinking but absorbing.

The other thing is, that I had a little freelance job, and I am also trying to work on my animation short [short is not a proper word for it... a 14 minutes hand drawn animation, a thriller with acting and all those things... God...] but it is. Well I like the project, but can not organize my workflow yet... But I will work that out. I have to.

Oh, I have to draw more from life... I would like to go more to the ZOO, watch animals living and draw them, make a landscape notes... ummmIam just thinking, loud.

Yes I didn't drew too much from life last months (!) I have a kind of a block and I don't feel like other around-walking-people looking over my arm into a sketchbook. Here it is - I've lost selfconfidence.

Ok not to write so much now but to show something.

I hope it will be interesting. : )

Let begin!

Here, above the random illustrations for moodboard I did just for fun. No story, more improvisation. Fun with color, light, atmosphere, composition.

I did also read an excerpts of the Euripides - 'Tragedies' [I am a silent lover of the antic art and literature] and having in mind the 'Oddysey' by Homer and 'Mythology' by Jan Parandowski I did those little sketches of a Cyclops and Oddyseus. Well, I just love sketching, mostly.

I am also a fan of the HBO series - 'True Detective'. Matthew McConnaughey [Jeez, this surname must be connected with the HOPI religion I have a mind for surnames but for this one, I always have to look at first to write it properly] so Matt McConnaughey role is awesome, I connected Him with a silly romantic comedies until now. Here - my man!

Recently I am drawing tigers, because I am working from time to time on my own graphic reinterpretation of 'Life of Pi' just for the portfolio. I love the visuals of the movie and the feeling. It's a nice feature. Some kind of a fairy tale in our busy, ugly times. A place for the rest and I feel a lot of passion out of this movie. By the way, I was very impressed by the opening scene with a titles and the 3D effect. It was so elegant and easy going with a music. Just like a painting done very carefully with mastery and a passion.

In school I have a 'Stop Motion Class' that I chose to learn something about, especially because that a teacher knows what is talking about, and is active in the industry and I like her critics about the projects we have to make. Here is a character design of a face of a Blacksmith. There is no story behind it [in structural meaning]. It's a loose adaptation of a poem by Leopold Staff - 'A blacksmith'. Just a source material for idea. If there will be a possibility to make a puppet and animate it would be great. Because there is no script it would just be a great material for a stop-motion puppet animation tests.

Here are some of a life sketches of my Girlfriend I did. I love to sketch from life I need to do more of them. From time to time I am trying to have more fun and draw a little different a try to exagerate features of a body, pose etc. The way to draw, I love most is to draw with spontaneity. I am working on it.

Talked about a few freelance jobs I took, I can show only one. Above is an illustration done for a Polish children magazine - Świerszczyk. For a new year.

I hope You are not bored, because I still have something to show You.

Presentation of diploma project, more info below the video on YouTube.

Sequence from a short - Protagonist's Dream - it also presents the idea of a story of a whole movie. It is in a totally different style done. I tried to imitate a StainGlass work. But I still need to work on it a little bit.

Below are pencil tests from my animation short diploma.

I hope You all like it. 

See You soon!

- Matthew

Monday, August 5, 2013

An update...

Well, there is a lot of trees and forests in my paintings... Hmm I think, the reason for this is, that my Love bought me the wonderful artbook, which is - 'The Art of Epic'.  : )

So I must be inspired. By the way in my diploma short animation, there will be a lot of trees... So I have to practice.

In this post You will find a variety of works works done between 15 min to around 1 h, hope You like it! : )

Research for the BG painting style for diploma short

Practicing a memory, view from window in Gdansk

Study of my own photo taken in Gdansk

Study of my own photo done at the beach

research for the portrait painting of the protagonist of my diploma

for fun...

a very fast self-portrait

some fun with the brushes and JMW Turner on my mind : )

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