Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Masque of the Red Death

Inspired by Poe.

Al.chemy sketch.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Inspirations!

J.W. Waterhouse - I love his works for the color, story, women, knights; it could very well an fairy tales illustrations that I love so much!

FRANKLIN BOOTH - Because with his talent and patience and the CRAFTSMANSHIP, He didn't forget about the passion and the ARTISTRY.
His works are fresh and so mystical.

SERGIO TOPPI - He made a big impression on me when I first saw His works. Pure artistry. That was the 'Love at first sight'! So I still have a same feeling about his works...

W.H. ROBINSON- For the great realistic and semirealistic cartoony style. After he saw the Japanese woodblock and paintings he emulated everything what's best about that art and added to his works.
The result was awesome. I just love those works!

HOWARD PYLE - He reminds me a little about Polish Andriolli. His etchings are great, and the paintings... Both are incredible!

CAPULLO, Greg - For his dynamic sketches, poses, and the very American feeling in the Spawn series.

MAXFIELD PARRISH - as I said, spending time in a fairy tale's lands is a pure pleasure for me... So this is the answer...

BATTAGLIA, Dino - for the love of XIX century uniforms and history!

GUS BOFA - very nice european cartoony style! And inspired by Lautrec!

JACEK MALCZEWSKI - for everything. The BEST Polish Painter-artist!... It could take hours to tell You why I love his works... For the lyrical landscapes and compositions, for the poetry of portraits and scenes, for the great feeling of the Slavic, Polish spirit...
His paintings could be watched, read, felt... everything...

REMBRANDT - because he was himself even when people didn't like his works. Because of the craft, becaue of the art, the light. Because He was searching.
And for the distance to himself...

CARLOS NINE - just take a look at his works. Thats the non ending source of imagination... Incredible deforming and style in drawing, painting, sculpting...

REPIN - well because of my Slavonic spirit... I love Russian art, Repin, Surikov, Serov... Man...

N.C. WYETH - for the colors, for lightning, for projects, for books he had to illustrate...

PETER DE SEVE - well he must be funny guy and he is smiling all the time [well on the photos I ve seen] and I am finding that in his works... That's cool.
Ok, and for the designs to Ice Age the only CG animation, that I really like... :)

MICHELANGELO - I am just fascinated about the man... ok? :) And the drawings... maaan...

FELICIEN ROPS - ok, for the atmosphere in his drawings and paintings. For his symbolism and nice crosshatching.
I like him very much.

NORMAN LINDSAY - for eroticism...? Yeah, very much in my taste. And for the great lines!

LAUTREC - for the love of the modernism of beginning of XX century. For being a guy from Mountmarte, Moulin Rouge... And the very cool painting style. Oh and the drawings. :)

MICHAIL WRUBEL - and another Russian. But now... I would like to know if he illustrated any children book. That could be awesome! Just take look at him...

KLIMT - oh for the taste... He had a great sense of taste in decorating, mixing colors even when being very monochromatic... I love his works.

Oh God... I have lost...

Andrew JONES and Jean Sebastien ROSSBACH. I've lost to add them. But I love their works for the great use of digital media!

Monday, September 13, 2010

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