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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My first year animation etude...

Director & Animator - Matteo Ciompallini

Music composed by Izabela Rybak

Cello - Izabela Rybak
Viola - Roksana Stasiakiewicz
Violin - Aleksandra Szurgot

* * *

I've found what is it about exactly. In courtesy of Mr Franz Schubert and Mr Willhelm Muller, I would like to show You what is it about. The lyrics for the film and the overall sense might be found in Shubert's songs cycle with a words of poetry written by Muller.

The lyrics...

Die Krähe

Eine Krähe war mit mir

Aus der Stadt gezogen,

Ist bis haute fűr und fűr

Um mein haupt geflogen.

Krähe, wunderliches Tier

Willst mich nicht verlassen?

Meinst wohl, bald als Beute hier

Meinen Leib zu fassen?

Nun, es wird nicht weit mehr gehn

An dem Wanderstabe

Krähe, laß mich endich sehn

Treue bis zum Grabe!

The Crow

A crow was with me

When I left the Town,

And back and forth till now

Has flown above my head.

Crow, you strange creature

Will you not forsake me?

Do you hope for prey here soon,

Hope to seize my body?

Well, there is not far to go

On this journey.

You, crow, let me at last see,

Constancy to the grave.

* * *

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