Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Few words for few images...


having a little bit of time allowed me to post few images. One plein-air view in pastel that I like very much, for the 'truth'. I mean that this, is the image in which I did what I am always trying to do - capture the most authentic moment in time, atmosphere, wheather condition.
I like that it is not very detailed [mainly my pastels are not, because of the lack of time for practice or bad approach] but here I did it in intention to keep it without detail.

Also, it makes me a little nostalgic, maybe because of my specific feeling for sunsets since my childhood, but... that's the long, different story...

The next one is a copy in pastel. I decided to try myself in copying, using my favourtie tools. Even that 'Brother Bear' is not my favourite animated movie - I love the backgrounds in there! Pure masterpieces in my opinion - from pencil sketches I had seen to a final paintings. Breathtaking... but what else could it be, when that sort of Painters worked on the project...?!

I have some more images to upload, but I decided not to post too much images at once. For those who likes to stop by at this blog, it will be more pleasure to see something new and fresh occasionaly and unexpectedly. [It's strange I think like that, because I am always disappointed when my favourite painters do the same thing... He he]

But I hope You, Who visit me will be more happy with this formula. : )

Another thing is, I am working on my Third Year animation-short. Well I am at the end so, happiness is something I feel very well. The bad thing is... I had the final montage but my Computer I am working at, shortly - CRASHED. That's sad, because it was great feeling - having everything in end and just color it.

Well, You know... I wasn't even angry or furried. Life is life, and it's just what happens regularly [for me it was the first time]. I learned to have a smile for the world and for the things I am doing.

I feel good... Well, I grow and I like it...

Have a good day Everyone!

View from my Parent's Garden - Late Afternoon, Soft Pastel

Copy after Xiangyuan Jie, Brother Bear Background - Soft Pastel

Original of the piece above, (c) Xiangyuan Jie

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