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The Un-Divine Comedy


I am not posting too much of my work last time. I have some sketches and drawings but mostly to a diploma short animation I am working on now.

I decided to post something I did in this week, but not exactly as just a final work itself but with a short note on the process behind the work.

So I hope You will enjoy this post. : )

* * *

First of all that was the school assignment. My job was to interpret the ending of the Polish, Krasinski's drama - "The Un-Divine Comedy".

I'd focused on the fall of the protagonist. I also decided to make it a poster because I like the 'one image storytelling' very much. I am also a very big enthusiast of the Polish Poster School [in the meaning as phenomenon not institution].

The first idea was to link with a 'polish poster school' and the way they make the form synthesized and making an object a sign. But I abandoned that idea because I am not able yet, to reduce objects this way and to the final stage I woul be happy with.

I decided to do this just as I feel it in myself and, as I want to do it.

So my concept was - make it simple in the meaning of composition, make it rich in the meaning of used media/plasticity and at least or more foremost - place the story in it.

I started then with a preliminar sketches. I have to say that I had first few ideas, but also I knew which one was most appealing to me and I drew this - and as I thought, it was appealing, even on the paper. : )

Below, on the image You can see the idea I chose, it is the one marked with a red rectangle. I knew, what objects I want to place in the image but, at the composition stage I didn't think about them in the meaning of form, but abstract shapes that are the positive area in the whole image. I wanted a lot of a negative, clear area.

Preliminar sketches. W I P - 01
Talking about the objects I wanted to place in the illustration that was - a Tower and a Falling Man and the concept was, to make a MAN as a key point in the final image.
You can also see, that I did a little sketch of the typography I wanted to use. Here, too, I wanted to keep it simple. I closed the letters in the form of rectangles - they are also solid this way in the form, they bring a tower [in my concept] on mind. I had the design of the 'typos' in the overall idea of the image in my head at the beginning. I thought about them that I want to make them as solid as the Bauhaus typography is.

I also tried another composition here and tried the way I would like to render a Tower that will appear in the final image. For this, I looked in, to the album I have in my little collection of art books. The one I picked for this project was - "GROTTGER" which contains his series of pannels, his notable work.

cover of the book I'd written above
If You would like to know more about the artist himself, check out this link to Wikipedia - Artur Grottger.
For example, I show You the image I looked at for a refference of a black and white, graphic rendering of stone texture.

image from wikipedia [click on image to go to the wiki-page]
Ok. Going back to the process.

When the composition was done for me, I challeged with a figure of a MAN, a silhouette that represents a falling man. Image below shows that I was struggling with few ideas. I wanted to make his whole body, clearly visible. I tried in sketches some lines of the more embryonic poses or the one suggesting the shape of the comet, but I knew, how small it will be in the final image, so the context might be destroyed.
I decied to chose the one that is more theatrical BUT clear and also dynamic. It is the one marked with red rectangle on the image below.

Falling man sketches. W I P - 02
Next step for me was, to make the sketch - silhouette. Image below translate this, I traced the sketch on the new sheet of paper. I did it this way because, sometimes it's easy to destroy the most dynamic lines of the most emotional sketch. In this case, choosen sketch had a life in lines for me.
Traced sketch I covered with ink. (below)

Sketch and Silhouette of a falling man. W I P - 03
On the image above You can see I added new things to the silhouette. A long material, a kind of a cape or a scarf and a sabre but for me sabre was too much.

So, below the image shows another step where I tried variation with horizontal difference between silhouettes. 

Variation on silhouettes, to make a clear line of action. W I P - 04
I scanned the drawing of the silhouette. Flipped it horizontal and changed the line of action, and place of cape/scarf.
The reason for this, is in the composition and wrong drawing of a silhouette. Calling wrong, I mean here - positioning HIS directional LEFT arm, hand nad HIS, RIGHT leg, foot in the opposite direction to a TOWER, that will appear in the final image.
This change, led me to placing a cape/scarf on the LEFT side of HIS body. 

What I achieved by this?

It will be clear while looking at the final image but, I achieved that - [now, after changes] cape/scarf has a line of action directing, indicating the eye in the direction to the top of the tower [which is for me and might be for the viewer] the point from where a Man had jumped off [a 'key' point]. In indicating this point as the earlier 'key point', helps also another curve, now in the body of a man[silhouette] which is HIS, LEFT leg, foot.

Now HIS, RIGHT arm, hand indicate, direct to desination where a Man is falling down.

Ok, after writing down my thoughts on the composing the image, changing silhouette etc., came time to finally show the final image - a POSTER itself.

'Un-Divine Comedy' poster. int. A4 pastel paper - Fabriano, Ingres gialetto

Above You can see the final image. Talking about the media I used, it was the ink in pens - Sakura Pen-Touch, Pentel Brush Pen, pens Sakura different sizes from 0.5 to 0.05, lithographic crayons from Charbonnel soft and hard, charcoal and pencil.

Summing it all...
Well, I am happy with the image how it turned out. I didn't achieve all of the assumptions, I mean that in composition sketch the falling man was a focal point or a golden point. I think I did a top of a tower too heavy, and that's the reason why I toned the top of the image but I think to also enriched the whole picture. Although it didn't help as much as I wanted to concentrate the eye of the viewer on silhouette of the falling man.
Being closer to the idea than not, I am happy with the overall look of the image.

I hope You like it too. If You do just say about this : )

Have a good weekend.

Now I am going back to learn philosophy because of the exam... -.-

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