Monday, August 5, 2013

An update...

Well, there is a lot of trees and forests in my paintings... Hmm I think, the reason for this is, that my Love bought me the wonderful artbook, which is - 'The Art of Epic'.  : )

So I must be inspired. By the way in my diploma short animation, there will be a lot of trees... So I have to practice.

In this post You will find a variety of works works done between 15 min to around 1 h, hope You like it! : )

Research for the BG painting style for diploma short

Practicing a memory, view from window in Gdansk

Study of my own photo taken in Gdansk

Study of my own photo done at the beach

research for the portrait painting of the protagonist of my diploma

for fun...

a very fast self-portrait

some fun with the brushes and JMW Turner on my mind : )

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