Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nothing special but...

Hi there!

I am still working on my diploma animated short. Right now I have a lot of animated material, so maybe I'll upload some of this stuff soon.

Because of the fact I did mention above, there is not enough time and occassions to try to develop a skill in painting while painting... 'cos there is no time to paint just like that. 

I hope I will paint some plain-air things between July - September and will draw something from life because I am starving and 'am thirsty of that kind of stuff!

Right now I would like to show to You some digital painting that I did in the meantime of doing a movie.

I hope You like it. : )


Virtual Plain-air, painted using Google Maps photo refference

Refference photo for a painting above

Imagined composition

Winter Time in Łódź

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