Monday, November 17, 2014

A day in a work...


not too much time for a post, but I would like to update a blog and write about something.

First, I've started to work in an animation studio as an animator. Right now I am working on a hand-drawn animated project.

Another thing connected with this post is; in a workplace we had a guest lecturer, a great concept artist from Poland [afterall, known worldwide : )] - Marcin Jakubowski.

He introduced us to some of His useful techniques in cartoon style design as well as in some of a color practice excercises.

Below I present to You some of my works done at the workshops.

Hope You like it! : )

Day One - Design a cartoon scenery

Day Two - Light Rendering of an object into a photo /pass one

Day Two - pass two

Day Two and finally - pass three
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